News in the month of 3.2024

March 2024

25. March 2024

Easter, A Time for New Beginnings

As Easter approaches, it's a time for spiritual reflection and the joy of new beginnings. Rooted in religious significance, Easter also symbolizes the arrival of spring—a season of...

15. March 2024

Terrace season 2024: Welcome the Spring Sunshine

As the sun graces us with its warmth and the air fills with the fragrance of blooming flowers, it's time to celebrate the return of spring. Whether you're craving a light lunch with...

11. March 2024

My Perspective on Art ; Fascinating Workshops in Cologne Museums

Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst: My Perspective on Art   Date and Time: Tuesday, March 19th, at 2:00 pm Description: Discover your unique perspective on art in this distinctive...

04. March 2024

Celebrating Women's Strength

As International Women's Day approaches, it's time to celebrate the remarkable strength, resilience, and achievements of women worldwide. From breaking barriers to shattering stereotypes,...