News in the month of 5.2024

May 2024

29. May 2024

Make the Most of Your Summer with GlobalGuest!

Summer is upon us! While the temperatures are pleasant, occasional rain showers add a refreshing touch. This season, take advantage of the delightful sunny days whenever they appear. Many of our...

17. May 2024

World Children's Day at "das kleine Steakhous"

Celebrate World Children's Day at our partner-restaurant "das kleine Steakhaus"! This charming partner-restaurant has a special offer for families: Children up to 10 years old can...

08. May 2024

Celebrating Fathers: A Tribute to Strength and Guidance

It is Father’s Day on May 9, 2024 and time to honor the remarkable men who have been our pillars of strength and sources of guidance throughout our lives. This Father's Day, let's...