"Kunst!Rasen" - Festival summer in Bonn

28. June - 30. August 2018

"Kunst!Rasen" - Festival summer in Bonn

As soon as summer is approaching, the festival season starts. Sitting outside, listening to great music and enjoying the moment together with some good friends. Normally events like these last for a couple of days, but for a few years now there is a festival of a special kind taking place in Bonn: Kunst!Rasen (it can be translated as art lawn).

From the 28th of June until the 30th of August numerous artists enter the stage on the large Open-Air area located next to the Rhine. Great musicians and bands from the rock, pop and indie genre will be part of the festival as well as classical performances and many German artists.

British singer Tom Jones is going to open this years Kunst!Rasen event and in the following weeks stars like "Die Fantastischen Vier", Limp Bizkit and Alanis Morissette will follow. Get tickets for your favorite act now and to make sure that you are ready to dance and sing with all your heart and body, reserve a table in one of our partner restaurants in Bonn as well! Enjoying the music to the fullest is way easier without stomach growling - for you and the people around you.

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